Intercollegiate Team Championships 2013

April 23, 2013


Here it is.. our moment to shine–The Intercollegiate Team Championships.  The top 16 teams in the nation competing for the ultimate title.  All of the hard work and dedication put on the lanes for three days. It was a tough week… or day for our team.  The outcome wasn’t what we had anticipated, but we […]

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PBA League Reminiscent of College Bowling

January 27, 2013


The PBA League format featured today was exciting!  I love how team owners such as Terrell Owens, Chris Hardwick, Jerome Bettis, and Billy Jean King have the ability to draw in new audiences.  What especially caught my attention is how Twitter was utilized before and during the live telecast to interact with viewers.  Kudos PBA […]

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Exciting events in women’s bowling!

May 4, 2012


This blog is solely to congratulate two ladies in the bowling community for their wins in recent weeks–Georgia Wiggins-Drewes and Diandra Asbaty! Georgia attends Newman University, where I am currently attending, and bowls for the Jets women’s bowling team.  She qualified in March for the singles championships along with fifteen other women.  The ladies took to […]

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5 MORE Things to Do if You Are a Bowler:

April 16, 2012


PBA Tour

By utilizing a useful social media tool Facebook and friends, I found 5 more things for you to do as a bowler (if you haven’t done them already, and if you have–do it again!): Bowl the Swiss Trios Tournament in Wichita, Kansas This is a popular tournament within the Wichita bowling community that takes place every […]

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5 Things to Do If You Are a Bowler:

March 30, 2012


You started bowling, now what?  What do you do with your new skills, new hobby, or even your new friends? The purpose of this post is to give you some new direction, or if you aren’t a bowler these top 10 adventures will give you some thought as to what you could do. 🙂  The list […]

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‘First Family of Bowling’ Aims to STRIKEoutDiabetes at 3rd Annual Charity Bowling Event

March 16, 2012


‘First Family of Bowling’ Aims to STRIKEoutDiabetes at 3rd Annual Charity Bowling Event. This week I chose to feature the Barnes family in my blog to help spread the word about a magnificent charity that they have started and has become quite popular within the bowling community.  Chris Barnes is a former Wichita State Universitycollege […]

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A Collegiate Bowler’s Journey (cont’d)

March 10, 2012


Did you know? “More than 3,500 student-athletes on 200 college and university intercollegiate bowling teams compete inover 80 certified tournaments each year, and nearly 100 colleges and universities across the country offer bowling scholarships. Collegiate bowling has grown in popularity and prestige under College Bowling USA and more recently with the formation of the USBC Collegiate […]

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